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First Baptist Church Dekalb


James Sparks


Bro. James has been the pastor at FBC DeKalb since January 2013.  James is from Hooks, TX, and has served in churches in Texas & Arkansas since 1999.  James has a bachelors degree from Texas A&M University, Texarkana, and a Master's Degree from Liberty Theological Seminary in Lychburg, VA.  He is married to his high school sweetheart, Mindy who is a teacher at DeKalb ISD, and together they have three children:  Whitt (14), Presley (9), and Harper (6)

Facts & Favorites:

Hobbies:   Playing and watching sports with my kids, Going on family vacations,

Favorite place on Earth:  Latitude: N 28.53806  Longitude: W 81.37944

What I wanted to be when I was a kid:  I wanted to be the Governor of Texas

Favorite Book of the Bible:  Jude

Favorite Bible Story:  Elijah and the priests of Baal

Favorite parable of Christ:  The Prodigal Son

What kind of music I listen to:  I was raised on CCR, ELO, and other classic Rock, now I listen to everything from Sinatra to KB

Favorite Movie:  Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, Dark Knight Trilogy, the Great Escape, the Adventures of Robin Hood(Errol Flynn version)

Heroes:  The apostle Peter, my Grandfathers, Indiana Jones, & Jesus

Last 3 Books Read The ScrewTape Letters by CS Lewis, The Potter's Promise by Leighton Flowers, and Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse

Russell Kersey

Minister of Music

Bro. Russell has been the Music Minister at FBC DeKlb since May 2007.   He likes to say he is from “all over Texas” since he moved frequently during his  childhood, from Houston to Lubbock, from Pecos to Paris.  Russell has  served on staff in several churches in the north east Texas area for over 24  years.  He has a bachelor’s degree in counseling from Texas A&M,  Commerce Tx.   Singing in his church youth group is where he believes  God first started working on him to be in ministry.  Russell is married to  Connie, who he says is “his best friend, great cook and way above what I  deserve”.     

Facts and Favorites:

Hobbies:  Golf, and . . . . dreaming about other hobbies.

Favorite place on Earth:  37 50’57.00N    106 55’35.16W

Favorite Bible Story:  Nehemiah.  I love the  story of how Nehemiah, when he heard about the terrible shape that Jerusalem was  in, left comfort and position to go and lead the people to rebuild the walls  around the city.  It took every man and woman, and in 52 days it was  completed.  With God and a faithful servant, the impossible became  possible.

Favorite Book of the Bible: Job --  He never quit  believing in God and His plan, even though nothing in his life was making  sense.

Favorite parable of Christ:  The Tortoise and the  Hare . . . . No . . . Waite . . . wrong book!  Just kidding.  I would  say it is the “The Great Banquet” in Luke 14:15-24.  God doesn’t just want  us to be with Him, He has sent His followers to compel  people to come and join Him.  Go read it, if you have  already, read it again.  God has a great desire to have each of us be a  part of His great Banquet.

What kind of music I listen toMost of what I  listen to is choir and worship music.  But I will listen to most any kind  just to know what is out there, and what others are hearing.  I have a weak  spot for old rock and roll, it was what my oldest brother would be playing while  he drove me and my other brother around.

Favorite movie:  Ok . . . what do I put here?  I  can show how I like “stupid humor” as Connie calls it, or I can put the “church  answer”??? Let’s just put it out there and say I have several:   “Uncle Buck” . . . how do you not laugh at a guy  that asks if you have a good plunger in the house because he’s eaten a lot of  cheese lately, that’s just funny.  Then there is “Apollo 13” .  . . what truly seemed to be a bucket of bolts gone wrong, and  still they made it back to earth.

Last 3 books":  “Think Orange” by Reggie  Joiner, “To Know You More” by Andy Park, “Essential Church” by  Thom & Sam Reiner.

Heroes growing up:  Indiana Jones, a cool  hat, a whip and fast thinking, this guy was great!  My Dad, he was  a Texas State Trooper.  I got to ride in his car sometimes.  He worked  hard, many times had a second job.  Taught me about basic car care and  repair, carpentry and what it meant to treat others with respect.  We never  thought that going to church was an option, we knew that each Sunday he expected  us up and ready.  J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet would be playing in  the living room, one of my Dads favorite albums.  He is still the best man  I know.



David Briggs

Minister To Students

Bro. David has been the Minister To Students at FBC, DeKalb since January 1st of 2018.  David is from Hooks, TX and has served at churches in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Pennsylvania since 1998.  David is married to his wife Jessica who is currently a teacher at Atlanta Middle School.  Jessica and David have 3 children - Reshawn (20), Jonathan, (15), and Bethany (14).

Facts & Favorites:

Hobbies: Sports (Oklahoma Sooners!), Music, and anything to do with cars/trucks!

Favorite Place On Earth: Latitude N.35.2059 Longitude W. 97.4423

What I Wanted To Be When I Was A Kid: 1st Baseman for the Detroit Tigers

Favorite Book of the Bible: James

Favorite Bible Story: Jesus and Lazarus

Favorite Parable: The Prodigal Son

What Kind of Music I Listen to: Anything from Big Band (Glenn Miller) to Christian Rock/Rap

Favorite Movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Great Outdoors, American Graffiti, The Goonies, Greater, A Christmas Story, It's A Wonderful Life

Heroes: Jesus and my dad

Last 3 Books I Read: Not A Fan, The Devil In Pew No.7, Aha



Pam Prather

Financial Secretery